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Mushroom Marauder

The Fullest Monty! 30 Mushroom Stickers +Kiss-Cut Sticker Sheet with 5 stickers.

The Fullest Monty! 30 Mushroom Stickers +Kiss-Cut Sticker Sheet with 5 stickers.

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This is it.  The pinnacle. We're not making any more collections to include sticker designs as we create them, we're just going to keep adding to this one!

Purchasing this all-encompassing collection of Mushroom Stickers by Suzi McCrae will let you own all 20 sticker designs in our "Fuller Monty" set, as well as *one of every sticker we've made since!*.

(Please visit the "Fuller Monty" link for individual names and pictures of the previous 20 stickers, as I don't want to bog this page down with tons of photos and text. 🥰)

Making its first appearance in any collection, the "FULLEST Monty" includes the Lobster Mushroom sticker "I Will Dye For You" alongside our two newest stickers "Porcini Mushroom and Salamander", "Rocks. Plants. Mushrooms.", and "My Morel Compass"!

Also included is our "Little Murder Mushies" sticker sheet, which has 5 removable kiss-cut stickers on it, and our new Pride trio!

**NSFW "It's Just a Mushroom, You Pervert" set also included, you've been warned! 😅**

Over 20% off the price of the individual stickers

  • High quality adhesive vinyl stickers
  • Clear or Holographic laminate options
  • Water Resistant
  • Stickers range from 3-4.25” (Foraging Addict is 6” across)
  • Great for water bottles/laptops
  • Not recommended for extended UV exposure (vehicles)




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