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Mushroom Marauder

The FULLER Monty! | Collection of 20 Mushroom Stickers by Suzi McCrae

The FULLER Monty! | Collection of 20 Mushroom Stickers by Suzi McCrae

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Holographic or Normal Laminate

High quality laminated vinyl stickers, original artwork by Suzi McCrae. This collection of 20 mushroom-themed stickers is, to put it humbly: the pinnacle of glory for any fungi enthusiast. It includes one of all the stickers that we have created so far! Purchasing this set will grant you the pleasure of owning: ““Mushrooms Will Eat You When You Die”, “Madam Morel: Mycology Is Sexy”, “Beware of Wild Mushrooms”, “An Eye for an Eye”, “Amanita: Beautiful Yet Misunderstood”, “Lady Lactarius: Beauty in Blue”, “Cantharellus roseocanus”, “Coprinus comatus”, “Morchella americana”, “Just a Little Mushy!”, “Foraging Addict”, “Carpe Diem Chanterelle”, “Turkey Tail”, “Chicken of the Woods!”, “Hell Yes Mushrooms Are Freaking Awesome”, “Mushrooms Are Life.”, “Die Hard Forager”, "Coffee Makes Me Shiit(ake)", "Land Snail and Chestnut Mushrooms", and "Skull, Snake, Chanterelle and Flowers".

Over 20% off the price of the individual stickers! ($77.50)

Stickers range from 3-4.25” (Foraging Addict is 6” across)

Please note: While our stickers are durable and water resistant, they may fade after long exposure to the sun, so we don't recommend putting them on vehicles. Too many trips through the dishwasher may also result in bubbles or warps. Thank you for your support!



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