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Rainbow Chanterelle Mushroom Magnet | Cantharellus roseocanus

Rainbow Chanterelle Mushroom Magnet | Cantharellus roseocanus

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Cantharellus roseocanus is a Pacific Northwest species of Chanterelle is also known as the “Rainbow Chanterelle”. It is a chunkier, smaller version of its Golden cousin, and fruits slightly earlier in the season! These beauties are prized by foragers for their firm, crisp fruiting bodies that hold little water as compared to other Chanterelles. This original design by Suzi McCrae pays tribute to these fleeting, delicious wild beauties.

      * High quality laminated magnet
      * 20mil thickness is both flexible and strong
      * Very water resistant
      * Dimensions: 3.4"diameter
      * Great for refrigerators, file cabinets, toolboxes, etc.



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