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Mushroom Marauder

Naturally Fungus-Stained Wooden Pendant | Half Cylinder

Naturally Fungus-Stained Wooden Pendant | Half Cylinder

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This beautiful, deeply colored pendant is hand-crafted using foraged wood that has been naturally stained blue-green by the fungus Chlorociboria. This particular wood is darker and harder than most other Chlorociboria Creations. The piece is unique, following no pattern or template. The lightweight wood has been sanded to best expose the beautiful blue-green staining inside, and finished with 2 layers of Watco Danish Oil to preserve and protect it. It is hung on a 24” gold-plated brass chain. Each Chlorociboria Creation comes with a small laminated card explaining the fungus that causes the color.

Dimensions: 0.4”x0.8”x1.4”



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