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Mushroom Marauder

Mushrooms Are Life. Sticker | Skull and Flowers Morbid Mushroom Sticker

Mushrooms Are Life. Sticker | Skull and Flowers Morbid Mushroom Sticker

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Holographic Or Normal Laminate
Single Sticker or 3-Pack

High quality laminated vinyl sticker. Mushrooms are life. Mushrooms are death. Mushrooms are everything! This design celebrates the cycle of growth and decay that fungi are such a vital part of. Gorgeously rendered in Suzi McCrae’s unique style, this sticker features several well-known mushrooms and flora centered around a human skull and accented with a stunning monarch butterfly. Colorful and detailed, it even has a wee red Russula mushroom, which are known to symbiotically associate with the unique Ghost Pipe Flower (growing out of nose cavity of skull). These incredible plants have no chlorophyll of their own, so they use the mycelium of the mushrooms to take nutrients from nearby trees! Celebrate life, death, and the glory of Nature itself with one of these stickers today!

Sticker is 4” in diameter.

Please note: While our stickers are durable and water resistant, they may fade after long exposure to the sun, so we don't recommend putting them on vehicles. Too many trips through the dishwasher may also result in bubbles or warps. Thank you for your support!



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