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Mushroom Marauder

Foraging Addict | Funny Mushroom Sticker

Foraging Addict | Funny Mushroom Sticker

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Clear or Holographic Laminate
Single Sticker or 3-Pack

Do you enjoy foraging just a little too much? Do you sometimes find it hard to stop, even when the rest of your group is done for the day? Do you often need to find "just one more"? That's OK. There's way worse stuff to be addicted to. Forage all you want! This original mushroom-themed sticker by Suzi McCrae fully supports your addiction. Slap one on your laptop to remind yourself to go to the woods instead of being on your laptop. Text is embellished with Marasmius, Oyster and Shelf mushrooms.

  • High quality adhesive vinyl sticker
  • Clear or Holographic laminate options
  • Water Resistant
  • Dimensions: appx. 2"x6"
  • Great for water bottles/laptops
  • Not recommended for extended UV exposure (vehicles)



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