Our Story

First of all, we would like to say Thank You.

Thank you for finding our little corner of the internet, thank you for supporting us, and thank you for being a fungi-enthusiast, because that makes you the best kind of person.

Group of foragers holding lobster mushroomsAdam McCrae (first from the right) led a foray dubbed “Lobstermania 2021”, with three of his favorite foraging friends as well as his wife and son (Center). Over 75# of Lobster Mushrooms were picked before noon.


Mushroom Marauder is a small, family-owned and operated business founded in 2021. Suzi and I (Adam McCrae) are a husband-and-wife team based near Portland, Oregon with decades of combined experience in foraging, mycology, graphic design and culinary arts! We have been married for just over ten years, and our two children have tolerated more than their fair share of wet, miserable hikes through the forest.

The idea for Mushroom Marauder sprang from my insatiable passion for foraging and Mycology. Ever since crawling through the dunes of the coast searching for mushrooms as a teenager, my entire life has been shaped in some way or another by fungi. Early into my twenties, I took a mycology course at the local college, and a lifelong passion truly began to take hold. Since then, I have been an avid forager, making trips to the forest dozens of times per year and dragging along basically anyone who will come with me! Eventually, just foraging wasn’t enough. I turned to the culinary arts to bring mushrooms into my career! Identifying mushrooms in international online forums became a part of my daily routine. Finding dried mushrooms in random places throughout the house also became a daily routine. Even with mushrooms permeating nearly every aspect of my life, I still somehow wasn’t satisfied.

After almost two decades of walking past (or perhaps taking a photo of) the mushroom Chlorociboria, I finally decided to take a good-sized branch of the stained wood home, and Mushroom Marauder was born! At first, the entire company was focused on a small woodworking setup in the garage of their home near Portland, OR. From here, I created small display pieces and keychains out of the wood that had been naturally stained blue-green by the fungus! These crafts were met with great reception by the mycological community, but it was when Suzi and I began collaborating on her fungi-themed artwork that the true path of the company began to take shape!

Using my own deep background of fungal knowledge in tangent with Suzi’s unique and whimsical style of art, we’ve combined our strengths to create some truly amazing designs! Nowadays, large sections of our home are dedicated to making stickers and screen printing t-shirts, and many nights are spent in conversation about how to perfect the next creation. We couldn’t be happier about this turn that our lives have taken, and are so pleased that you’ve taken an interest in our adventure! Make sure to sign up for our Email List to stay up-to date on any exciting news, like new Artwork, Blogs and Discounts! You can also follow our Social Medias, which can be found on our LinkTree! Mush Love!

 Suzi and Adam McCrae holding mushrooms found at a gift shop during a recent vacation to Bend, Oregon.